CORPGUARD expands its close protection activities to Paris through its branch CORPGUARD PROTECTION UNIT

Since 2006, CORPGUARD GROUP and its subsidiaries offer their clients cross-disciplinary services in the field of economic security. Inquiries and investigations, business intelligence and lobbying, international travel security and crisis management: these services meet ethical imperatives and legal obligations of results when it comes to protecting the human resource.

Drawing on its own experience of close protection in the Rhône-Alpes region, CORPGUARD expands its activities in Paris by providing tailor-made protection and escort services to a premium clientele. Our solutions are particularly recommended to high added-value people and to individuals facing high media exposure.

CORPGUARD works with qualified and experienced service providers, who are rigorously selected and share the company’s fundamental values of professionalism, discipline and confidentiality. CORPGUARD’s pool of experts is composed of men and women who master several languages, are trained in first-aid care and in safe-driving. CORPGUARD and all its consultants hold the legal licenses and regulatory authorizations delivered by the CNAPS (AUT – AGD – CAR).

CORPGUARD is one of the three French ISO 18788 certified companies since July 2018. This certification attests the mastering of a security operations management system. It is focused on three key principles :

  • Employees, consultants, services providers and suppliers of CORPGUARD respect the human rights, and the international and the French legal obligations,
  • The protection of employees, consultants, services providers and clients,
  • The satisfaction of the clients’ interests (confidentiality, monitoring, performance evaluation…).

 Very committed to governance, CORPGUARD adheres to several national and international professional bodies:

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